Employee Benefits

Stafford Financial Consulting Group is a fully integrated brokerage practice that focuses on helping guide its clients through the tumultuous terrain of the ever changing insurance industry. Our main focus is to ensure that your benefit packages are both extensive and cost effective for employer and employee alike.

Why Choose Stafford?

  • We Provide strategic planning and management oversight and advisory services for Employee Benefit Packages catering to a number of different industries.
  • Stafford Advices firms on health care and welfare benefit plans by providing transparent and independent services to both Government and Privately held entities.
  • Stafford Protects employers from unintended consequences of employee benefit decisions and employee communications for all contractors and firms.
  • Educates SCA affected contractors as well as corporate and logistic companies on compliance, adherence, implementation, marketing, and communication of health, welfare, and retirement plan strategies.

Independent Advisors

Strategic planning/benefit management
Solution-driven vs. product focus
Benefit advocate (proactive vs. reactive)
Full disclosure of compensation
Independence and objectivity
E-business strategies
Retirement planning strategies
Employee and employer education
Compensation oversight analysis
Broker/value formula analysis


Connect With Us

608.441.3035 / 2501 W. Beltline Highway Suite 201, Madison WI / info@sfcgus.com

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