HR Advisory Services

HR Advisory Services

Human Resources Administration is one of the most key and complex departments of every organization. Stafford Financial acts as an extension of your HR Department by systematically reviewing and auditing 5 points of Strategic Planning that Stafford implements for all clients. Stafford’s 5 point plan will help define and solve the key day to day questions or needs that the implementation of an employee benefits package entails by performing ongoing support and administration services.

Strategic Planning

• Strategy: Benefits Analysis, Compliance Review, Emplyee Surveys, Benchmarking
• Organizational Model: Conceptual Design, Performance Measures, GAP Assessment, Organizational Roadmap
• Solution Scoping & Design: Renewal Management, Marketing, Day to Day Activities, Compliance
• Solution Build and Implementation: Solution Build, Solution Testing, Solution Implementation
• Rollout and Adoption: Rollout Planning, Institutionalize, Measure and Improve


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