Mergers & Acquisitions

At the forefront of an everchanging industrial and corporate landscape we at Stafford understand and have been able to help guide clients through the challenges provided by the merging or acquiring of business entities while focusing on maintaining compliance and accountability through all phases of the transition. Understanding Human Resources and Benefit compliance and accountability are key to a smooth transition. We at Stafford can help you navigate through the possible challenges that may arise.

Understanding Compliance Challenges

  • Service Contract Act
  • Davis Bacon Act
  • Government Contractors Compliance
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
  • Annual 5500 Filings
  • Summary Plan Description
  • COBRA & FMLA Tracking
  • Summary Annual Reports
  • Employer Healthcare ERISA Trust
  • Woman’s Health & Cancer Rights Act
  • Qualified Medical Child Support Order
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • Mental Health Parity Act
  • Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
  • Newborns and Mothers Health Protection Act


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