a division of Stafford Financial Consulting Group, is an all-in-one employee benefit, human resources, and fringe benefit accounting service designed to meet today’s government contractor business challenges, such as:

  • Healthcare and insurance costs
  • Employee benefit administration
  • Insurance invoice reconciliation & remittance
  • Compliance
  • Employee education & communication

Our exceptional customer service and attention to detail is what puts STAFFCORE above the rest.  We provide:

Fringe Benefit Accounting

  • Calculation of fringe benefit dollar usage
  • Premium bill payment services
  • Retirement contribution management
  • Fringe benefit statements

Employee Communications

  • Open Enrollment
  • New Hire Guides
  • Required Annual Notices
  • Summary Plan Description Wrap Document
  • Onsite employee education sessions

Human Resources

  • Administrative procedures and timeframes

  • ACA compliance

  • DOL compliance

  • Employment law compliance

  • Interpretation of employee handbook and policies

Employee Benefits

  • Administration assistance

  • Enrollments and terminations

  • Federal/state compliance

  • Annual renewal assistance

  • Benefit plan design assistance

  • Eligibility assistance

  • Annual Form 5500 filing

  • Online benefit enrollment