Grant Stafford

Senior Manager, Employee Benefits Services

Grant joined Stafford Financial Consulting Group in February 2017 after over ten years of experience working in Real Estate Finance and Revenue Management throughout the country.  As Director of Revenue Management, Grant managed the top line revenues of approximately 40 different projects throughout the United States ranging from hotel assets and senior living communities to third-party management contract agreements. Grant oversaw all sales and revenue teams to ensure a quick ramp-up of new projects and continued fiscal success of projects ranging from $12 million to $60 million asset builds. Budget reconciliation and profitability target goals were also Grants responsibilities as his attention to expense control and revenue drivers helped to consistently increase profit margins. Grant’s expertise ranged into e-commerce and marketing as the main contact point for distribution and public relations of each project.  His strong analytical acumen and attention to detail resulted in working closely with many different LLC’s and Management Groups, serving as the Administrator for Quarterly and Annual Investor Meetings and new contract agreement round tables.

Grant has consistently taken a well-founded and effective stance in working in finance and client relations. His years of client service and going the extra mile make him a great addition to the Stafford Team.

Professional Background:

  • Client Service Management
  • Revenue and Profit Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Expansion
  • Management Agreements

Practice Emphasis:

  • Benefit Implementation
  • Service Contract Act (SCA)
  • Employee Benefit Management
  • Securities Advisor
  • Industry Fiduciary
  • Project Management

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